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Pre-Season Activity at AQSC

Nineteen people (bless their cotton socks) turned up for the pre-season working party at The Club on Saturday 16 March.

Peter Carpenter & myself pitched into clearing up the trailer park while Bryan Clements satisfied his pyromania urges by getting a good bonfire going on the water front. Keith Hatton ensured that nobody would vanish feet first through the race box floor during the coming season by fitting a new deck (come on admit it, you didn’t even know it needed one did you ?). Nigel Knowles and Keith subsequently plumbed a hot water supply into the ladies changing room (talk about luxury!). Laurie Bridges tinkered with the rescue boat to ensure it was ready for the season and Joan Bray, Madeline Hatton, Joan Garrett and Diana Carpenter spruced up the clubhouse interior. Rodger & Linda Wheeler got the telephone & car park PIR/spot light working.

Meanwhile Eric Bridgewater, Mike Rogers, George Bray and Graham Thompson and Charles Dennis all pitched in clearing weeds repairing & painting woodwork and taking rubbish to the local dump. At around 1:45pm everything stopped and Diana served up baked potatoes with chilli or chicken & mushroom. Luv’ly Jubbly !

Richard Cannon suddenly appeared in the middle of lunch waiving a video camera. He claimed he needed some pictures for the March newsletter but most of us just figured he’d smelt Diana’s Chilli.

Unfortunately the afternoon session ended at around 4’ish as the heavens opened & ‘rain stopped play’. However, enough had been achieved by then to ensure that the 2002 sailing season could get underway without a whole lot of niggling things still needing to be taken care of around The Club. Many thanks to everybody involved for a good days work and especially to Diana for a great lunch … much appreciated.

Mike (I came, I saw, I strimmed) Baker