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2002 Club Open Weekend

This years Open Weekend was held on 18 & 19 May between 10:00am and 5:00pm. It was a mixed weekend weather-wise. Saturday was straight ‘slam-dunk’ and at times I wondered whether we should even be taking visitors out. Sunday was a little more like it but occasionally was a bit of a drifter. We had eleven people visit the club on Saturday. Not fantastic but better than nothing. Things picked up a little on Sunday with some thirty people dropping in.

Over Easy, resplendent with new decking, was back in the water for the weekend and distinguished herself by capsizing on the moorings ‘mit visitor’ aboard. Actually I can’t take all the credit. It transpired (word for today) that my keen crew had cleated the genoa on the starboard size before casting-off. Over Easy turned away to port and presented a cleated windward genoa to the elements. Result … instant capsize. The transom was exactly one foot from the bank !

I ended up standing chest deep in the wet stuff holding the mast just above the water. My crew, with the agility of a monkey, hung from the starboard shroud and the mast with his bottom three inches above the river. I managed to walk Over Easy sideways towards the safety boat where a number of helping hands grabbed the monkey and dragged him aboard. I kid you not, he never got wet, not even a little bit ! However, not to be put off he got straight back in the dinghy and we had a great sail.

Our visitors this year seemed to be a bit more serious about the possibility of joining Aquarius. A number of ‘singles’ visited which is a little unusual. The youngest we took afloat, and have a go on the helm, was two and a half while the oldest was eighty-one! (we did have some fun and games getting him up & out of Richard’s SigneT). We even had a family along from one of the moored cruisers that share our water-front. Several other visitors came across from the far bank in the safety boat. The safety boat also proved very popular and seemed to be constantly taking people out for ‘jollies’.

This years publicity seemed to be particularly effective. Key were the advertisements in local papers supplemented by press releases, flyers in shops and library’s and banners on the road and river bank. On Saturday Richard and I seemed to be sailing all day, grabbing the occasional coffee in passing. On Sunday we were joined by Graham’s Bosun, Lawrie and Rogers Bosun and Rodgers Enterprise. Keith also doubled up on Over Easy and everybody was kept pretty busy.

From the club down to Platt’s Eyot it was very gusty and fluky. Upstream, especially beyond the slipway, it was very patchy and difficult to sail. The best area was the reach in front of the rowing club; it was a steady wind straight down the reach and there weren’t any rowers out.

Ashore the organisation also ran very smoothly. After the problems at Desborough SC with car break ins, as we couldn’t lock the visitors out, there was a heavy overhead manning the car park both days. Many thanks to everyone who took a turn at this tedious task. We may have prevented problems as one motor bike drove in and went straight out again.

All valuables were locked up behind the bar and the new club barbecue was put to good use at lunchtime on both days care of Diana. Linda and Madeline also ensured that tea and cakes were also available in the afternoon’s. Pete Carpenter even found time to ‘strim’ the grass out front of the club while Bryan fitted a new window in the race box. In the clubhouse Roger and Eric made sure that everybody’s details were taken and that membership applications distributed.

That’s about it really … all that remains now is to see what kind of ‘take-up’ we get for all our efforts. In addition all members should undertake to bring a friend down to the club during the next few weeks to try sailing. That alone could bring more visitors to the club than stopped by over the entire weekend.

Mike (Over Easy) Baker