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News of Members - Joan Bray

We warmly welcome the Phil Courtney and Liz Archer and wish them fair winds and a happy future with Aquarius.

Abandoned Property

Brian Clements and I have been working hard to clear out the clutter in the boatswain’s hut, which has accumulated over many years. I am pleased to say that it is now possible to get in but there are still some items which we could not identify. Would all members who have, or might have left or abandoned property there or elsewhere around the Club, please effect one (or more as appropriate) of the following actions:-

1. Remove it (or them) or

2. Identify it (or them) to Brian or I or

3. Donate it (or them) to the club

When you have occasion to use this facility, please leave it tidy, for the sake of others who come after you..

ALL property left at the club MUST marked with the owner or boat number it belongs to. Unmarked Items may be disposed of or put to general use.

Many thanks,

Laurie Bridges.