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Bob & Janet

By any standard Captain's Chaos & Calm's latest quiz night would have to rate as the best yet. I have never seen club members so engrossed in such good hearted lunacy off the water. In spite of a wet night the car park ran out of space with around 30 members and friends enjoying the evening.

The assembled maniacs were split into three teams, Port, Starboard and O/D's. For starters each were given an event/date questionnaire. This was devised by Bob Sumner & Janet following their recent trip to the shipyards at Portsmouth. One for history buffs.

This was followed by rounds of questions to each of the teams just to get everybody 'warmed up'. Captain Chaos's scoring methodology was as original as ever and a fair amount light hearted bantering ensured.

The next round featured weather forecast areas around the British Isles. Everybody must have heard those famous area names many times during Aunt Beebs shipping forecast … but do you think many got the right names on the right grid references. Did they heck ! The real laugh was when someone pointed out that one of the areas identified was no longer used following some problem with Spain. Cap Chaos was totally un-fazed saying that they might have got Finnistaire, or whatever it was, but they'd never get Gibraltar!

The next game involved racing three model dinghy's around a squared up course board. Moves where decided by numbers called out, equivalent numbered tags peeled of a score board. Under each tag was either a number or a question. A number indicated how may squares a dinghy could move, A correctly answered question also resulted in a move forward. Forget racing rules … this was a Cap Chaos special, his race, his rules. It was a riot. The whole evening was rounded off with a great cold buffet.

What else can I say, it was a really good evening. Many thanks to Bob & Janet who obviously put a lot of work into preparing the quiz. Thanks also to Janet and the Aquarius ladies for an excellent supper. Can't wait for Captain's Chaos & Calm's next extravaganza.

Mike (Over Easy) Baker

Maritime Quiz Night - 27 April 2002