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Unwanted visitors at Aquarius (and I don’t mean the Mink!)

Richard’s really said it all on the club website but …. What’s been happening is a direct result of operating an ‘open house’ policy. I’m afraid that what happened is, in part, our own fault. I think everybody would agree that this has to change.

It doesn’t really require anything too drastic, just an awareness of who’s around, a sensible approach to leaving valuables in the clubhouse (especially in the changing rooms) and the need to keep the entry gates locked. I know that’s a drag but the truth is if our recent ‘visitors’ had not been able to gain entry to the clubhouse and car park respectively we would not have suffered the thefts that resulted.

So in future please keep your eye’s open, lock the gates after you and hopefully we won’t have a repeat of recent events.

Mike (Watch out there’s a Henry About) Baker