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Start of Season Party

This years party was held on 24 March so if you turned up on 31 March you missed it. Another reason for taking a regular look at the AQSC web site. We had some guests from Desborough Sailing Club and the the Clubhouse was about filled to capacity.

In the past the club has invited guest speakers to come along. You will know doubt remember last years memorable lecture by John Heath on how to build a 350 tonne galleon on a Turkish beach with nothing but match sticks, chain saws and 40 tonnes of (hopefully) inert Iranian artillery munitions as ballast. Incidentally that same galleon, "Grand Turk", turned up in St.Catherine's Dock late last year. I hope you got to go and see her.

This year the club tried something a little different. Keith Hatton
got hold of a dozen videos (courtesy of his sons) featuring some amazing film of 'extreme sports; the best bits were selected from each video'. These included sequences of wind surfing down sixty foot waves in Hawaii, Kite surfing and Skiing/snow boarding down near vertical mountain sides. I think we all came to the conclusion that the people who undertake these kind of activities are several sandwiches short of a picnic!

Talking of food, the evening was rounded off with an excellent buffet complete with some demon pickled onions ! All in all a good evening, but … the rivers still very high and fast, so there's still a real question mark over the actual start of the sailing season.

Mike (SigneT's have always used 'kite' power) Baker