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Somewhere to go

Lyn and I discovered another restaurant worthy of a mention. If you are into Chinese food, and I don't mean your typical take away variety, then 'The Mandarin' at North Cheam is for you. Booking is essential at all times, but I can assure you Ö. It's worth it ! They cater for most regional tastes and have a very comprehensive wine list but their house wines are excellent and well worth a try. Chop sticks are standard but you will be asked discretely if you would prefer a more European approach. If you really like Chinese then this one's for you !

If you fancy giving The Mandarin a try you can reach them 020 8337 2768

The other is ďThe WithiesĒ pub at Compton, just on the other side of Guildford off the Hoggs Back. Itís not the cheapest restaurant Iíve ever been in but it does have an outstanding menu. Itís worth a drive out just for a pint, itís a great pub (i.e. theyíve never heard of plastic or ergonomically designed environments to maximise sales potential and through put). Itís an old fashioned place with staff that can actually hold a conversation, with the advantage of also having a great chef. You can book a table on 01483 421158

Mike (Bon Appetite) Baker