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    Aquarius Sailing Club now has an Internet Web Site that I maintain and an E-mail address. The Web Site URL (Uniform Resource locator) is and the E-mail address is My own E-mail address is, I pick up E-mail from both addresses.
The latest version of the Programme, Race Duty and Bar Duty are on the Web Site.
I have E-mail addresses for about 20% of the membership; it is a very useful additional channel of communication. If anyone hasn’t let me know that they have Email would they please do so. Also if anyone objects to their name and E-mail address being sent to other members would they please let me know.
A statement similar to the following is being added to the Membership Subscription form to bring it up to date as data is held on computers:-
  Membership of the Aquarius Sailing Club and acceptance of the rules by a member will be deemed to constitute consent to the holding of relevant personal data for the purposes of the Data Protection Act 1984. If you object to your Email address being sent to other Aquarius Sailing Club members please tick O and Email
With the advent of the free Internet Service providers the number of people with E-mail has escalated. I included a place for E-mail address on the form to record the details of visitors to the Big Blue Go Boating weekend. 12 of the 31 groups of visitors had E-mail; a much higher number than I expected.
If you have a computer with a modem and are not connected to the Internet yet it could be worth considering for the advantage of having E-mail. E-mail is normally small and a high speed modem is not required.
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