The Datchet Thames Water Pursuit Race has been cancelled for this year as Thames Water are going to be lowering the water level for the 10 yearly inspection of the reservoir. This should have happened by now, but due to operational reasons they have had to postpone it for a month.

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    I would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody for their good wishes and cards following my eye operation and the subsequent problems that I have had. It was very thoughtful of you all and much appreciated. At the time of writing (10Jun99) my right eye is virtually back to normal. My left eye is still a little 'clouded’ but is clearing fast now. I am hoping to get back to work in the next week or so having already been off some three and a half months.   I guess it goes without saying that your eyes are probably your greatest prossession; I had an insight into what life might be without them and I never want to go there again. Take care people, if you have any doubts about your eyes drop into your local eye hospital and get them checked out. It only takes a minute or two and could; like me, save you a lot a trouble later.
Thanks again.
Mike (Over Easy) Baker