Start of Season Party Mike (Over Easy) Baker

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    The 1999 season got off to a very well attended party in the clubhouse on Saturday 27 March.
To make the evening a little bit different Tony and Suzanne Curphy had been invited to give a slide presentation about their round the world sailing experiences. It was remarkable and delivered with humour and hundreds of beautiful photographic slides. If Suzanne ever gives up sailing I would imagine she could make a pretty good living as a photographer.
Some 40-50 members listened as Tony described how he and Suzanne had started separate voyages around the world met in New Zealand, continued
  together in their own boats, gradually fallen in love married in the tropics, and completed their trip returning via the Cape of Good Hope, to Chichester.
For days at a time they were out of sight of one another, only able to talk via the radio. It was a fascinating story and prompted many questions from the audience. They are planning further
voyages but on a larger yacht and together.
The evening ended with a buffet supper and a number of people scrabbling around for mislaid equipment needed for the commencement of the racing season the next morning
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