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Working Party on 27 November 2004

Late November is not, I suppose, the best time to expect folks to come down to the club and spend a day generally clearing up … but 23 hardy souls did just that, many bringing their own tools, and fairly ripped through the work programme.

We kicked off at 11.00am although a lot of people had, I suspect, arrived a lot earlier.

While Team 1 worked behind the clubhouse clearing guttering and removing Holly tree stumps Team 2 pitched into clearing weeds from the water front ramp.

Meanwhile Team 3 set about clearing up the trailer park.

Team 4 worked on clearing and cutting up tree cuttings from behind the new extension and along the bank while Team 5 painted the concrete pilings along the front of the club.

Team 6 meanwhile, mowed and strimmed every blade of grass they could get at.

Inside Team 7 kept the tea and coffee coming and at lunchtime whizzed out to get fish and chips all round. Someone even found time to get the generator working!

By 3:30pm most things where done and everybody pitched in to clear up the site. What a difference, the old club looks so good I think we will have to up the joining fee!!!

Thank you all so much! I can't tell you how it means to be able to call on that sort of support … and for the record my happy band of maniacs were:-

Joan, Gordon & David Courtney, Stuart Schafer, Rodger Wheeler, John Tomkins, Pat Halling, Liz Archer, Ron Mundon, Richard Cannon, Dave Jennings, Laurie Bridges, Anne & Leo Bond, Pete Carpenter, Graham Thompson, George Bray, Yvette & David Marshall, Anjan Basu, Arthur Sykes, Mark Benning and me Over Easy.

My sincere apologies if I've missed anybody but sometimes my memory just straight lets me down.

Mike (Over Easy) Baker