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Spring 2005


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Le Pre Valentin Joan Bray

On a chilly and windy evening, I made my way to the clubhouse to be met at the door by Marcel Marceau ( aka Ron Munden ) with his white clown face and enormous grin.

Inside I was greeted by a colourful scene of handsome messieurs sporting curly moustaches and slicked down hair, onion sellers wearing berets, striped jumpers and baggy trousers. There was an artist complete with beret, neckerchief and paint brushes, waiters with large aprons around their waists and other various bourgeoisie with bushy beards, top hats, bowlers and a master of ceremonies ( aka Rodger Wheeler ) wearing a magnificent opera cloak.

The room was colourfully decorated and the tables beautifully laid with gleaming cutlery, glasses, china and flowers. The gentlemen had spared no effort to create a welcoming ambience for the ladies who were equally arrayed in imaginative dress, laced bustiers, gowns, both demure and frilly blouses, feather boas and chokers all topped with amazing millinery confections.

After Rodger had welcomed us and given each lady a spray of carnations, we sat down to a well prepared meal of crudites, dips and pate; coq au vin, sorbet, cheeses, gateau, coffee and mints served by a can can dancing garcon ( aka John Neal ) and his aides.

Following toasts in sparkling wine by Mike Baker and Madeline Hatton, we were treated to an entertainment of music and recitation by Pat and Anne Halling and Mike Leigh. I think everyone who was there will agree it was magical.

We ladies appreciate how much work and planning was needed to create such an enjoyable and successful evening. Merci beaucoup messieurs pour le soir parfait.

Mike, keith & Madeline
The Money table

The Money Table

The Baker and Hatton table