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Hawker SC Before Aquarius SC
Richard Cannon

In 1991-2 it was known that the BAe site at Ham would be closing at the end of 1992 and the Hawker Sailing Club would lose the use of it’s clubhouse and slipway. Many employees would be made redundant and others would be relocated to work at Farnborough and Dunsfold.

The committee sent a questionaire to many clubs asking for information.

Richard Cannon was Sailing Secretary at the time and recently while sorting out some old diskettes he came across the notes he made for the Hawker Sailing Club committee after the Aquarius SC Commodore rung him. These are the notes exactly as written. Aquarius proved to be a very good choice for Hawkers to join.


Richard Cannon was rung by Malcolm Edwards, Commodore and Laser Captain, on 14Jan92. He got my works phone number from Mike Rodgers an aircraft welder (Not BAe). Commodore phone 081 979 0136, club phone 081 979 4720.

Malcolm used to live at Farnborough, Hawley Hard S.C. is very near there, but thinks it's an army club.

He was trying to sell Aquarious to us. It is situated off Lower Sunbury Rd soon after the Hampton water works. I have always thought it looked a sheltered area but he said the sailing is good because a prevailing SW wind blows straight down the reach.

Handicap Racing is on Sundays, generally 2 races with a 3rd that doesn't count for the series (not in winter, but winter sailing is available with Hampton S C. Wednesday is a club evening (Biweekly in winter). There is a training programme mainly for the kids. We could do our own things other days or evenings if we wished.

A handicap is applied to boats being sailed without a crew. It's OK to bring a guest as a crew.

They don't prohibit any types of craft. There isn't a cruising section as such but several members have cruisers.

They have good facilities. Bar (£1 Pint), electric shower(s), 2 slipways and Lasers are launched of the bank. Boat house for maintenance. Think 5 club boats (2 Mirrors, Laser, Topper and Skipper). Main fleets are Enterprise and Laser.

High security gate with electronic lock, each member has a 'key' so club can be accessed at any time. Annual subs £45 with joining fee of £40, includes boat park and racing. Membership is about 100 to 125. The season is from the end of March though to November.

There are various social activities such as Easter party, weekends away, Jazz evenings, bonfire night and theatre.

Club duties are usually only required about once a year as there enough volunteers.

We are welcome to visit them on Wednesday club nights or at the weekend.

Richard Cannon