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Spring 2005


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Annual Dinner
Saturday 20 November

The Annual Dinner (which was a first for us as new members) was attended by over 40 members and guests and was very enjoyable.

We had a thoroughly good evening with good food, good company and good fun. After the meal the more athletic amongst us boogied on down until the early hours.

The Committee put in a sterling effort to transform the Clubhouse although we are still not quite sure how many of the rude words Joan really did understand when hanging up the flags -- despite her assurances that neither she nor George realised what she was spelling out!

The tables looked terrific and Diana’s flower arrangements were lovely.

Nigel, resplendent in full “Soup & Fish” observed all of the niceties and commenced the taking of wine with various groups. Roger joined in and then Keith (who toasted absent friends) and there was much “I’d like to take wine with ……………” which always goes down well and brought to mind a lovely recording made by Michael Bentine many years ago that still cracks us up when we hear it.

To sum up - a splendid evening was hand by all. Our thanks to the Committee who did so much to make the evening a very great success for us and, we are sure, for the rest of the company.

When can we book our tickets for next year?

Anne and Leo Bond.