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A Valentine’s Dinner to Remember
(or ‘how the men showed their galley skills
when they would rather be sailing’)

I first realized something was different the night before Valentine’s. On trying to cook dinner I found the Hostess trolley had gone, half the kitchen utensils had disappeared and there were no plates!

What a splendid evening! On arrival the club was buzzing and was decorated with hearts and fairy lights. Rodger met us on the door dressed in his DJ and presented each of us with flowers. Drinks were served by a smiling John Neale and delightful music was being played by Mike Leigh on the keyboard. The atmosphere was warm and friendly with people chatting and laughing. By contrast, in the background, banging and swearing was heard coming from the direction of the kitchen. This was the start of a very memorable evening.

A little after eight every one was invited to be seated around the excellent oval tables, newly acquired by Nigel, and we feasted our eyes on a centre piece of crudities and dips, and duck pate. Hot rolls were then served and everyone tucked in.

Much to our delight the main course of pork or chicken arrived with a wonderful selection of new potatoes, broccoli, carrots, roasted vegetables and cauliflower cheese was closely followed by a disheveled Mike and Keith as they appeared from the kitchen, still wearing jeans and T-shirts only to vanish again in the direction of the changing rooms.

Everyone was having a good time and the food was excellent but there was more to come. The next course was Sorbet closely followed by Mike and Keith who re-appeared suitably ‘suited and booted’ to thunderous applause. Pat Halling then treated us to a violin performance accompanied by Mike on keyboards. Next Pat’s wife Anne gave us a recitation from ‘Christopher Robin’, could there be more? Well yes! The men gave us a brilliant rendition of ‘Thank Heaven for Little Girls’.

After the cheese and biscuits the grand finale was a line of sparkler filled gateaux’s carried out shoulder high by waiters doing high kicks. Now that’s something you don’t see everyday! Champagne corks started popping and everybody received a glass of bubbly to toast the workers. Coffee was then served with mint and champagne chocolates and as Richard crept amongst us requesting a further £1 per head the disco heated up and people danced into the early hours.

Many thanks to everybody involved from all the lucky ladies who witnessed this truly amazing event. Madeline Hatton, Anne Neale, Anne Knowles and I laughed from start to finish.

Lyn Baker (Over Easy’s other half)