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Spring 2004


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Replacing Things

Things break, fall off, fall apart, crack, unravel and occasionally wear out. At times like these the first impulse of my generation is repair it. Have you ever tried to repair anything now days? Nine times out of ten you need to plug it into a computer the size of Canary Wharf just to find out why it wonít perform. Even if it tells you it will probably mean an incredibly expensive LRU (thatís a Line Replaceable Unit) and if it canít, and it doesnít respond to a sharp kick, you might as well trash it and buy a new one.

One would think therefore that the loss of the club Laser rudder assembly would be a little more straight forward to fix. I mean, after all, there are thousands of Lasers around so it should be relatively easy to get a new one, right? Wrong! Apparently Laser sailors lose a lot of foils and the few places that stock them canít keep up with demand, despite their cost. Talk about cornering a lucrative market.

Ikea however came up with some wicker chairs straight away to replace the worn out ones in the club room. I guess thatís because they are low tech and cheap as chips!

Mike (Gone off Lasers) Baker

The Last Sail of the 2003 Season

The last racing of the 2003 season was held the morning after the annual dinner. Seven boats battled it out in reasonable conditions, given the very high winds that battered the clubhouse on the prior Friday night. Nigel Knowles and Joan Garrett had race officer duty and once we managed to tear them away from their coffee and croissants things got underway, albeit very late. Now in fairness that wasnít their fault. A lot of people were helping to clear up the clubhouse after the annual dinner and more than one or two hangovers were also evident.

Three races were eventually completed without incident. All that remains now is for Richard to crank up his abacus and work out whoís won what which will be revealed at the AGM and prize giving. Thanks to everybody who turned up for their race duties throughout the year. Itís not the most glamorous thing to do but it is vital that those race sheets are completed so that Richard has the records that he needs to updated handicap data and calculate race results.

Mike (Over Easy) Baker