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Out Comes ‘Aquarius’

Saturday 13 December saw the last activity at the club this year. Pete Carpenter, Richard Cannon, Nigel Knowles, John Neale, Pat Halling, Rodger Wheeler, Bryan Clements and myself turned up early afternoon to help take ‘Aquarius’ out of the water for the winter. Now I know that all the lads would have far rather been Christmas shopping in Kingston, or the like, and lugging mountains of carrier bags around; but to a man they decided to forego the pleasure and forced themselves to come down; and at the end of the day who am I to deny them!

Our rescue boat is a valuable asset and needs looking after. She’s not the lightest of boats around but the lads made light work of dragging her out, chocking her up outside the clubhouse and draining her engine down. Afterwards the least I could do was make them all a coffee despite their protests that they really should get back to the Christmas shopping.

Before she goes down to at Tim Barfield’s in March for her annual service she’ll have a proper drainage bung fitted, be pressure washed and spruced up. Thanks to everybody who turned up to help it was much appreciated. Just a thought … next time you find yourselves playing Xmas pack mule (or should that be Reindeer) decide early on whether you’re charging by weight or distance (you’re bound to be on to a winner either way!) No offence ladies!

Mike (The Commodore) Baker