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Kempton Fireworks 2003

John & Margaret Tomkins

The early part of this evening should have been entitled ‘how many people can you get in Richard Cannon’s lounge?’. The answer is ‘more than Richard thought possible’ and this year Linda Wheeler didn’t get locked in when everybody cleared of to the display. Which was good really because this year’s show was well up to standard? There was a great variety of fireworks. They were loud, colourful and seemed to go on for ever. Lot of people there this year too, more than ever I think but all in good humour.

After the display everybody went back to the club where Diana served soup and hot dogs. Luvly Jubly! Many thanks to Richard for getting the tickets in advance and letting us meet at his gaff. Thanks also to Diana for an excellent supper supplemented by Liz’s chips. If you’ve never been to the Kempton display all I can say is its pretty spectacular, well worth the money and a great evening out. Why not join us next year?

Mike (bangers are best) Baker

John & Margaret Tomkins enjoying the display