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Murder Mystery Evening at Clubhouse

On October 12th Captain's Chaos & Calm hosted a murder mystery evening in the clubhouse.

Every person had a part to play. Each player had a script with questions, answers and clues to be used at the appropriate time. One player was the murderer.

The task for everybody was to determine who that was, using all the information that came to light throughout the evening. The trouble was that it soon became obvious that all the participants also had very strong motives for committing the homicide.

That's not to say that it was all taken very seriously, in fact quite the opposite was true. Some people really entered into the spirit of their characters, the result, and most of the accents, were hilarious. I ended up playing the part of a flamenco dancer and I've got two left feet!

A time out was called halfway through for Bob and Janet to serve up soup, jacket spuds, fillings and deserts.

Murder, mystery, booze and food, what more could you want? Oh yes, a result! Well, despite the microwave tripping out the lights and finding Roger the Commodore stretched out on the floor, the actual murderer turned out to be Keith Hatton, a shifty character if ever I met one!

One or two players voted him the most likely to have done the dastardly deed and were declared the winners. Many thanks to Bob and Janet for an excellent evening, a devious murder, and a great supper.

Mike (Over Easy) Baker