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Fireworks that Really Work

The Kempton Park annual firework display just gets better year on year. This year, despite the weather, which left a lot to be desired, the evening, which commenced at Richards, went very well.

A whole crowd of us, including some visitors, walked up to Kempton having ditched the cars at Saxonbury Avenue. That was after Richard had gone back to release Linda Wheeler from his house, having inadvertently locked her in!

Richard had acquired tickets prior to the event so that when we arrived we didn't have to queue. The firework display, arranged by the local Rotary Association, started shortly after we arrived, and what a display! The whole thing lasted about twenty minutes and was co-ordinated to a mixture of classical and modern music. Even the rain, which had been chucking it down all evening,

stopped for the show.

Fireworks have got very sophisticated. Ground, medium and high level and every colour and configuration you could think of. Some seem to have a new dense crimson powder like core that shimmered as it ignited. The concussion from some of the mortars could be felt even where we were standing. As the air bursts grew in intensity they seem to reach out to the audience in a crescendo of colour.

If you've never been to Kempton I strongly suggest you try it next year, as I said at the beginning, it just gets better. Bring the grandchildren, they'd love it.

We ended the evening back at Aquarius for a traditional fireworks supper, care of Linda, Janet and Diana. Tomato and chicken soups followed by bangers, chips and beans, cakes and coffee … lovely jubbly!

Much thanks to Richard also for acquiring the reduced price tickets ahead of time and for letting us use his house as a jumping off point. Cheers mate!

Mike (Bangers are best) Baker