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AQSC 2002 Annual General Meeting,
Prize giving & End of Season Party

This years AGM was held in the clubhouse on Saturday 7 December.

The AGM's prime purpose is to elect club flag officers, management and social committee members for the next season. It also reviews the clubs financial position and any required changes in the clubs rules and bye-laws.

Following the review of the 2001 AGM minutes Roger presented the Commodores Report. In addition to summarising achievements during 2002 he used his report to thank everybody for their help and support over the last five years, as he was standing down as Commodore. Joan Garrett then presented the Treasurers Report which confirmed that the club is in relatively good financial shape.

The next item, the Election of Officers, was overseen by the Club President George Bray. In summary George remains as Club President. Nigel Knowles, my replacement, is Vice Commodore. Peter Carpenter and Eric Bridgewater continue as Rear Commodores looking after internal and external issues respectively. Joan Bray continues as club Secretary. Joan Garrett remains as Treasurer. Laurie

Bridges is Boatswain, Bryan Clements is Harbourmaster. Richard remains as Sailing Secretary and Diana Carpenter takes over as Social Secretary. Mike Rogers becomes Bar Manager replacing Keith Hatton

The Management Committee is comprised of Rodger Wheeler, Charles Dennis, Barry Jones, John Neale, Graham Thompson, Bob Gloyn, and Ron Munden. The Social Committee is comprised of Diana Carpenter, Richard Cannon, Mike Rogers, Roger and Linda Wheeler, Peter Carpenter, Linda Rowley, George and Joan Bray, Janet Edwards and Bob Sumner.

Next Graham Thompson presented his auditors report which confirmed that the club is in pretty good shape. In conclusion George invited Mike Baker to say a few words. Mike thanked Roger, on behalf of AQSC, for all his work over the last five years and presented him with an engraved beer tankard and Linda with a bouquet of flowers.

The AGM was followed by the annual prize giving. Now even if I could explain Richard's scoring regime and the resulting prize distribution, I wouldn't. This is totally the province of the Hon. Sailing Sec. and I shall defer to his own article on this subject. The prizes themselves were presented to the winners by Madeline Hatton. Following award of 'the pots' supper was served and the end of season party got underway. May I, on your behalf, thank George & Joan Bray and Joan Garrett for all their work in organising and catering for the evening.

Mike (Over Easy) Baker