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Last year was poor and unfortunately this year wasn't any better. We were unable sail for the first five Sundays due to the strong current and light winds; the first time this has happened since I joined the Club in 1992. The wind tended to be light during the middle of the season but improved towards the end.

The normal entry was only about 4 to 8 boats per race and the best was 11 boats at the Regatta and 10 boats on the last day of the season. A total of 39 people helmed or crewed in at least one race.

The Club boats were well used with generally 1 to 2 boats in use and on one occasions four club boats were out.

Our first sail was at a new event for us at Littleton SC. This was the Mid-Thames Trophy inter club event that was moved from Desborough SC, due to the current, at the last minute. Other clubs were Littleton, Desborough, Staines, and Laleham. We had 8 boats, the largest number of visitors. There were very good sailing conditions with 10-15knt wind and we did excellent to come 2nd to Littleton. A very enjoyable day.

We were very fortunate to have a good steady 5-10knt easterly wind for the two Open days; the first time we were able to sail on the river and conditions were ideal for taking around 32 visitors out. The safety boat was a joy to use with the new diesel engine.

There were the usual visits to Bewl for the Spring and August Bank Holiday weekends. The Spring Meeting was excellent sailing both days; hot, sunny and 7-15 knt winds. The August visit was one with extremes of conditions from zero to 30knts wind, in the same race. Sunday was much better

AQSC members supported all the SigneT Meetings and came away with the majority of the prizes. At the Signet National Championships Richard Cannon, with Robert Britton as crew won.

Bob Jones has supported many Skipper and Catapult meetings and has traveled away from the Club more than anyone.

As usual all trophies have been allocated to Personal Handicap results and this gives much closer Series results and usually helps spread the Trophies amongst the competitors instead of all going to one helm. Some results were very close with a tie for the Autumn PH result for the Cruiser Trophy that needed four levels of tie breaking.

I would welcome suggestions that might improve support for events. Am I giving members what they want? should racing be different times or days, too much or too little racing, alternative events. Please let me know so I have a chance to incorporate any suggestions in next year's program.