Spring 2002


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The Sailing Program
Richard Cannon

There are a few changes to the sailing program for the coming season.

By request the Fun race has moved from being the last race in the afternoon to the first race in the morning. The Fun race schedule will be flexible and there may be more than one race. Quite often the wind has improved as the day has progress and sometimes the best wind has been after we have finished racing; It is hoped that having longer races in the after noon will give better sailing later in the day.

On the the Bank Holiday Monday May 6 the Mid-Thames Trophy inter club event will be held at Desborough SC, there will be no organised Club racing at Aquarius on Sunday 5 May but it is planned to visit ‘A Canal Way Cavelcade’ at Little Venice

organised by the Inland Water Ways.

The Aquarius Open Days are 18 and 19 May; members are encouraged to bring a friend along with them.

The Late Spring Holiday, 1-4 June, visit to Bewl Water is a 4 day event as the Tuesday is an additional bank holiday. The Tuesday racing is a special Junior event but we can cruise.

The Signet Class Owners Association have asked if we could run a Signet Open Meeting for them on Sunday July 7; this has been agreed to and therefore all races on that day will be Fun races with separate starts for the Signets.

We hope that the weather will be kinder to us this year with good East or West winds without any current and we get a good number of boats racing.