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Annual Club Fees (Polite Notice)

It's nearly that time of the year again folks! Joan will be sending out those A4 forms and inviting all you good people to renew your membership and mooring fees. The majority of members view this as an annual responsibility and take the appropriate action straight away Ö and some don't. This means come August/September she can still be chasing down outstanding fees. Members are politely reminded that fees are due shortly after Joan's letters land on the mat and prompt attention to this not unexpected annual occurrence would be appreciated by your Management Committee.

Mike (Wonder what happened to my cheque book) Baker

Aquarius Open Weekend

Right you lot, heads up please ! IíM GIVING YOU PLENTY OF NOTICE. The Aquarius SC Open Weekend for 2002 will be held over the weekend of 18 & 19 May. In addition to media coverage, by mid April, there will be plenty of promotional handouts in the clubhouse and I would appreciate if you would ALL collect a few and get distributing in your area. Prime targets should be Libraries, Shops, Adult Education establishments, Schools and Sea Scout/Venture/Ranger Units. It doesnít end there ! During the 2002 season The Aquarius management committee would like EVERY MEMBER to bring at least one collegue, friend or relative to the club with the intention of introducing them to sailing and ultimately Aquarius SC membership. Not a lot to ask is it ?

Mike (Publicity Officer) Baker