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AQSC Annual Dinner

This years dinner was held in the clubhouse on the evening of Saturday 24 November. The reception, presided over by Commodore Rodger Wheeler, commenced at 7:30pm. The clubhouse had been decorated with pennants, sails and fairy lights to set off the formally laid up dinner tables. Quite a sight, each with a candle lit floral centre piece designed and arranged by Joan Bray and Diana Carpenter. The dinner itself, catered by Sarah Sinclare and Bridgett Davies (i.e. 'Tasty Morsels') was excellent with everybody being served with a pre selected menu. This was accompanied by a good selection of wine, toasts, party poppers and rounded off with coffee, mints and a very generous raffle, beautifully packaged by Keith and Madeline Hatton. Bouquets were then presented to dinner organiser Madeline Hatton and the Commodores wife Linda Wheeler. Following dinner the bar was opened and live

music was provided by Chris Jarvis.

John & Carol Money caused some amusement during the evening when they distributed some 'dubious' substances collected on there recent trip to South America. People seemed very unsure whether to drink it, smoke it or snort it through a rolled-up fiver.

Many thanks to the organising committee for a thoroughly enjoyable evening. Special thanks to Mary Dennis, Madeline Hatton, Diana Carpenter and Linda Wheeler for serving dinner and ensuring everything went smoothly, it was much appreciated. Thanks also to George Bray, Keith Hatton, Peter Carpenter, Richard Cannon, and Mike Rogers for all their work before, if not during the evening. Long may the AQSC annual dinners be held. They have become an real must on the social calendar

Mike (One of the three DJ's) Baker

(That's an 'in joke' for those who attended the dinner)

Our Caterers Preparing Dinner

Caterers preparing dinner
Rodger addressing diners

Rodger Wheeler addressing the diners