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It was on a cold and frosty night that we arrived at the club to enjoy a night of betting and throwing large yellow fluffy dice. There were six races on the card with different horses taking part in each race. The betting all done, the odds decided the OK was given for the start of the first race. There was a strange water jump half way down the course which consisted of a small towel (from the bar !!) That was of course in case you fell in, the jump consisted of a white piece of board from I don't know where. Then on the other side of the jump was another small towel and yes you’ve guessed it, in case you fell in the other side. Now this was all very good but Honest Joe alias George and his side kick Madeline could only see half the race and so it was that it was left to the punters to make sure that no cheating took place after the dry water jump.
We all had a little flutter on our favourite horses. We had no knowledge of their previous form so we all had to make an educated guess as to which horse would run the course. Some of the names were perhaps more popular than others for example Fluzy, Jaguar, Black Beauty, Queen Mary, Lightning and Jolly Roger.
After the third race we all decided that it was time to take a break especially after all the hard work of deciding which horse, betting our 50p max. And then collecting our winnings. Our supper consisted of hot soup, French bread and cheeses, salads, cold meat and Richard's hot jacket potatoes. All of which went down a treat.
The evening continued with the last races, we all took it in turns at throwing these large yellow dice previously mentioned, the horses were duly moved up and down the course until they were thoroughly worn out, and so were we!. The event drew to a close at approx. 11.30. From my own point of view I enjoyed it and I believe that I can say from all who attended that in fact we all enjoyed the evening.
Thanks to all who made the evening possible.
IIt transpires that Richard did a Diana. He was relaxing after an exhausting day when his Psion alarm went off to remind him of the Sweepstakes evening in an hours time; he then had an inkling that he was to supply jacket potatoes for an event. A quick look at the Committee meeting minutes confirmed this was for the Sweepstakes so panic stations. Fortunately he had a suitable stock of potatoes and although time was short additional cooking at the club enabled them to be fully cooked.