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Murder Mystery Weekend (well evening really) - 24 February 2001

A newsletter or two ago I commented that Madeline was turning out to be a really good social secretary. Well, she did it again! If you'd ever wondered what it would be like to play 'Cluedo' for real then this was for you. The venue was the Sisswood House Hotel at Lower Beeding in Sussex. Originally built for a past director of Harrods the house, although having being extensively extended, retained much of it's old world charm, including a smoky fire in the reception area that managed to set the fire alarms off just before we went to bed on Saturday night.
The whole idea was that, over a five course dinner on Saturday night, the guests had to determine who had committed a murder, the weapon used, and the motive. Four main characters were involved, played by actors, two men and two women. The circumstances and 'suspect' profiles were provided to each guest and between each dinner course the suspects played out, in the dining room, events leading up to the murder and dropped a series of clues as they went. At the end of the meal everybody had to guess 'who done it'. Some eighty guest sat down to dinner including twenty-two from Aquarius. The Aquarius crowd included the Rogers, Carpenters, Hattons, Bakers, Futchers, Brays, Cogswells, Mundons and Sumners. Most of the aforementioned had elected to stay over night. The swimming pool in the health club, and the hotel bar, for the less energetically inclined, were put to good use. At 7.30pm everybody sat down to dinner and mayhem duly commenced.
No … I'm not going to tell you the story line or who did it, just in case Madeline decides to use something similar down at the clubhouse one evening. Colin and Christiana Cogswell, friends of Keith and Madeline, distinguished themselves by winning the 'Defective Detective' awarded for the most implausible solution to the murder. When we came down for breakfast the following morning we found the hotel had been taken over for a Brides Fair. Everything from stretch limo's, rings, dresses to sexy underwear was on show. A great weekend! Many thanks to Madeline and Keith for organising it … I can't wait for Madeline's next idea! Base jumping off the Post Office Tower perhaps?

Mike (I survived Sisswood House) Baker