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Sailing Last Sunday Of
2000 Season

19Nov2000 was the last Sunday with sailing scheduled for year 2000 to end what has been a truly terrible sailing season. There was no racing for the last five Sundays and there was no racing on two consecutive Sundays near the start of the season. Sailing on a number of other Sundays has been very poor. One boat managed did to sail and just hold its own against the current; Charles Dennis took the Club Pico out for its first sail.
Early Sunday 29Oct started with no wind although the weather forecast was terrible; 60,70 or even 90mph winds. By 11:30 it had all changed and it was gusting over 30mph. A course had been laid and Keith Hatton took the club Laser out and then handed it over to Michael Stevens. The wind was extremely strong, gusty and fluky and Michael couldn't make way against the strong current and had to be towed back. Racing was cancelled for the second consecutive Sunday.
The new Club Pico has arrived and was rigged for the first time but it was too windy to take it out