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Kempton Park Fireworks Party - Diana Carpenter
I now know that being a reporter is no pushover. I have sat here for some considerable time trying to find something original to say. However, inspiration has not yet struck - so you will have to read it as it is.
Due to the fact that our dog needs mollycoddling throughout this explosive period and usually the house seems full of large recumbent offspring. We wrongly concluded put two and two together and we would have no problem in going out.
However, after managing to track down one of them (offspring that is) and using inducements then threats, at 6.50 our son Greg arrived.
Richard Cannon had bought tickets in advance for every one and we were to meet at his house, at 7:00, to pick up the tickets and have a short stroll to Kempton Park. That meant Peter had to drive like something demented to get to Richards on time. Fortunately the assembled throng of 17 members was rather late moving off so we were able to join the stragglers.
We arrived at Kempton to add to the sea of people (12,000). It transpired the Wheelers had had an equally fraught time and Rodger arrived later with their daughter.
We all stood in the creeping cold. Then the pyrotechnics (11,000 worth) began set to some really powerful music. They were quite fabulous with illuminations that looked like strings of pearls floating across the sky. All thoughts of cold vanished and I like the others was entranced.
To round this off we went back to the clubhouse for some lovely carrot and coriander soup made by Linda Wheeler, and other food goodies brought by members.