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Boatswain Report - Bryan Clements
All the Club dinghies that were licensed this year have been regularly used, mostly by the new junior members.
Three Lasers, one Topper, and the new Club Graduate are all available to Club members. Please put your details in the book when you use them. There is no charge for juniors but we still require details so we have a record of boat usage.
The juniors are handling the craft very well, but their are rigging and knot work needs improving. If members find anything broken, wrong or missing from the Club boats, please tell the Boatswain, Bryan Clements or leave a note explaining the details.
Club Laser sails are being damaged when boats are moored between races. Could all Members release the outhauls and strops to prevent the boats blowing over in windy conditions.
All Members
Donít forget to put every thing away properly and tie down boats securally, covers on where available.
Next season I will have the Mini-sail ready for sailing, if the the Committee think it will be used enough to be licensed.
Can any members with spare sailing items (i.e. sheets, ropes, pulleys, sails, battens, paddles, clothing, rudders, tillers, extensions and stainless steel items) please pass them on to the Club Boatswain, Bryan Clements, for club use and for member in emergency.
Two club dinghies, a Mirror and a 420 are available for sale. All members interested should have a talk with me about the details.