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RC, PCís, E-mail and the Meaning of Life
I suppose one thing that life teaches you about are your limitations. Lets face it certain things are best done by the experts. Take PCís for instance. While they operate Ďas advertisedí everythingís great; but when they go wrong, and thatís always at the most inopportune time, what do you do ? Software faults are the worst and all the swearing and cursing in the world wonít help. At times like these itís good to know someone who just eats up this kind of dilemma. Someone who actually seems to relish the challenge. Ring any bells ? If you own a PC you probably know whom Iím talking about.
Over the years Iíve come to the conclusion that the key to Richard Cannonís success is patience and determination. These are exactly the same qualities that win him race after race and he uses them equally well on the other great loves of his life, his PCís. He just wears them down until they give up and operate correctly. Their disk drives hum and purr under his direction and chaos becomes ordered and filed structure. The most technaphobic gobble-de-gook can take on instant understandability when translated by Richard into laymanís terms.
I personally think that if Richard were to offer his services to PC World as an adviser to the legions of blank faced potential users that pour through their doors every day heíd probably achieve one of two things. Either they would double their sales or go bust because heíd send everybody away to buy a Gateway PC. Why do you think it is that so many of the people that Richard has taught to sail over the years now own SigneT dinghies ?
Typical of Richard, I said ďwould you sort out a Powerpoint application problem on my PC ?Ē (and yes I do have a Gateway !). He said ďyes, but only if you let me set you up an E-mail account and get you onto the InternetĒ. Sort of double whammy, I win both ways but strangely Richard goes away chuckling to himself because he knows he can now reach me anytime.
Thatís it! Heís a control freak! Heís taking over via E-mail by implanting support dependency. Still I donít mind. He does it so well and unselfishly. Itís a pleasure to have him re-configure my whatnots occasionally. Of course there is a payback, isnít there always. In my case itís playing a small role in the production of The Clubs newsletter and now that Iím Ďon-lineí I no longer have any excuse for not providing Richard with contributions for the next edition.
What else do you think Iím writing this for ? Now whatís Richardís e-mail address. WWW dot something or other....
Mike (Over Easy on-line) Baker