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Upstream Launching Ramp
    We all know that 'Bosuns’ are a bit heavy, so I suppose it didn't come as much of a surprise to hear that while Pete Carpenter was recently recovering his boat the whole kit & caboodle broke through one of the upstream ramps.
   Bryan Clements and Stuart Schafer constructed a temporary repair but it was evident that something a little more permanent was going to be required.
   Mike Rodgers and Nigel had a look on Sunday 24 July and concluded that the steel work that sits within the L section edge members needed replacing. They took some measurements and are now trying to find some suitable material which will be 'Bosun proof.
   The geese that had been prevented from using the ramp for the last few weeks looked highly amused and paddled off muttering something about poetic justice!
Bodgit (always something to do) & Son.
Housekeeping and
Winter Reminders

   I have been asked by the committee to remind all members to (a) do their own washing up and not just leave things in the sink. (b) leave the galley area as they would wish to find it and (c) take your rubbish home with you whenever possible. Thanks folks.
   Winter's coming but NOW is the time to start thinking about winterizing your boats. If you don't believe me just take a wander up the bank a look at the state of some of the dinghies and their covers. Some simple precautions taken early can make all the difference.
1.    Check your boat for flaky varnish and paint (inside and out) and, if possible, do something about it.
2.    Check your boat cover, is it still waterproof? Are its securing straps still good?
3.    Check your pickets and tie down lines. Are they secure?
4.    Do your hull bungs and or self bailers work okay? Have you ever seen the damage ice can do to a boat because rain water can't drain out?
Mike (Over Easy) Baker