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Teddington Theatre Group - "To Entertain You"
Saturday, 23rd July 2005.
   Twenty six club members and guests attended the evening concert entitled "To Entertain You" - consisting of songs and ditties provided for our delectation by Out and About from the Teddington Theatre Club.
   Our thanks go to Rodger, for organising the event for the princely sum of three guineas per head, including nourishment.  We would also like to thank Stuart, who put in a lot of work getting the clubhouse ready for the evening and Nigel, who was an excellent "mine host" from behind the bar.
   Last, but by no means least, our thanks to the two Linda's, for providing us with such a splendid hot and cold buffet to follow the performance - certainly noone went home hungry!
   Out and About provided us with a very varied and interesting programme which apparently they usually perform for the entertainment of Residents of local Homes (what can I say!).
   There were sketches and songs made famous by Elsie & Doris Walters and Rob Wilton through to Gracie Fields and Stanley Holloway (I still can't get "per tuppence, per person, per trip" out of my mind and it's driving me mad!)  There were songs from the shows - Cabaret, Oliver etc. and we all joined in the singing with gusto using the song sheets provided.
   Having had grandparents who "trod the boards" I knew a lot of the older songs (nothing to do with my age you understand) and so was tempted to join in even when not invited to do so!  There were ditties, including "Father William" from Lewis Carroll and there were even some jokes (which caused both laughter and a few groans!).  In fact, something for everyone, and the evening - which did indeed entertain us as promised (from the oldest member present to a young teenage guest) seemed to end far too quickly.
   I can't close without making a special comment about the accompanist - who was absolutely priceless!   Although  somewhat taken aback when he first started tickling the ivories, I am happy to report that what he lacked in accuracy he made up for in enthusiasm!  (Les Dawson in concert immediately sprang to mind, as did Eric Morcambe when he remarked to Andre Previn that he was "playing all of the right notes but not necessarily in the right order").  So far as I was concerned, he was the icing on the cake - intentional or otherwise!
   We must have been a good audience as the entertainers ended the evening by thanking us for our appreciation, the good food and drink provided and also for the cheque that they took away with them for their charity.
Anne Bond

   Thanks for that Anne. It's really good to read something I didn't write. I just wish more people would contribute something more often … Mike (Over Easy) Baker