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Italian Evening at AQSC

AQSC has provided the venue for a varied number of events this year. The latest was held on 9 October at which Gus and Eunice Colletta prepared and hosted an Italian supper at the clubhouse. Gus had offered to do this way back at the beginning of the year, given that a suitable date could be arranged. That took a while but it was well worth waiting for.

The clubhouse was laid up using the five oval tables first used for the Valentine's dinner earlier this year. Our recently acquired chairs were used for the first time along with our newly purchased cutlery. The menu consisted of Anti Pasto, Pasta al Forno (pasta with meat and mozzarella cheese), Pollo alla Ciociaria (a chicken dish from the south east of Roma) with Faggiolini Verde and Insalata Mista. This was followed by Formaggi, Dolci, Caffe and Liquore.

With plenty of Italian wine, music, dancing and a variation to the game of 'pin the tail on the donkey' involving a cork and a male statue missing a vital piece of anatomy, the evening was a great success. Big thanks to Gus, Eunice, family and friends ably assisted by Pete and Diana, for putting it all together. Peters Carpenter’s recently installed espresso/cappuccino machine is a great addition to the club and will, I'm sure, be well used in the future. Now what other nationalities do we have represented within the club that could do something similar next year?

Mike (Over Easy) Baker