Autumn 2004


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Bodgett Bodges On

Well, the old firm has finally finished its 2003/4 building programme. The gents were completed in late August, virtually eight months after starting on the extension and overhauling of the clubhouses 'interesting' electrical circuitry. An amount of work has been completed in the shower area (new ceiling, lights and extractor fan etc.) and we are now contemplating a new power shower unit and door.

The new lockers are finished, 14 in the men's changing room and 2 in the ladies (that's not discrimination it's just that many more men sail than ladies). These are now available to rent on an annual basis at 5 per year plus 5 deposit on the key. Several have already been taken and applications should be made to Nigel Knowles or Mike Baker. N.B. These lockers are intended for people who sail regularly so that they can have a secure place to leave valuables etc. They are not intended for people who just want additional general storage space.

Bodgett & Son are now considering the best way to tackle AQSC's equivalent of The Leaning Tower of Pisa i.e. The Bosun's store. This edifice is now being held up by the new extension, not the reason it was built for. The building itself is okay but the foundations, and I use that word loosely, are collapsing at an alarming rate. The sheer weight of the stores contents is not helping the situation and a judicious 'clearing out' is long over due. So if you've got something in there that shouldn't be I suggest you remove it before Bodgett & Sons clearance division gets to work.

Bodgett Junior