Autumn 2003


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News of Members
Joan Bray


We warmly welcome the following new members and wish them fair winds and a happy future with Aquarius.

Paul and Christine Salmon and their children Reilly and Piper We wish them all a very happy and fulfilling membership.

Best wishes to Keith and Madeline Hatton who have recently moved to Sussex

Last but not least, good to see Peter Carpenter and Janet Edwards back to full health again.

Winterís Coming Ö. !

Right heads up people. That time of year is just around the corner.

I would like you to start thinking about how you will lay up your dinghies and wet berth boats for the winter. If you think it's a bit early please think back to last year and what happened. We had people wading up the bank to tie down boats that should have been properly picketed weeks earlier. We had wet berth boats up over the bank on the towpath. We had, and still have, craft with weather covers that channeled rain water water into the hulls and very little else. Most still haven't been replaced. Ah well, theíre your boats !

So act now Ö get together everything you need to lay up your craft and then give yourself time to go down to the club and ensure that your boat will see out the winter in style. One last thought for non wet berth boats, don't forget to take the bung out! you'd be amazed how many people forget !

Mike (Over Easy) Baker