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What Goes Around, Comes Around

Everybody has probably heard of the above saying. I've have had some experience of this but never more so than when our youngest followed his elder sister, bought a place of his own and moved out. Suddenly it was Lyn and I again just as it had been twenty plus years ago. The house went strangely quiet and the washing diminished dramatically. Now there's always milk in the fridge and food in the freezer. There's always hot water and never any trouble getting into the bathroom. None of my tools go astray, or worse, turn up ruined. Lyn's clothes and makeup don't go missing. I tell you its weird! Getting use to being a couple again is interesting. I guess it helps that we both have hobbies. Lyn still works part time and, second time around, has gone back to display work.

Of course there was a price, isn't there always. In return for our 'freedom', in Abby's case, it was refurbish a block wood floor, tile a bathroom, lay a laminate floor, build endless bookcases and install a kitchen ring main. In Noel's case it was a lot of decorating, electrics and flooring. Not a bad exchange I suppose. It was fun to watch their growing pride of ownership as their respective homes came together. For us, and after fixing up three houses of our own, helping the kids with theirs was definitely a case what goes around, comes around.

Then why do I miss the loud music? Items dropped and left all over the house and waking up to the smell of last night's, post pub, kebabs or curry.

Mike (Over Easy) Baker