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On the Local Government Front

Amongst other things your Management Committee keeps abreast of local government planning applications. I recently wrote to Surrey County Council re some minor variation of details regarding restoration of the Molesey reservoirs at Hurst Park, East Molesey.

Ideally, and as part of the restoration work currently underway, we would have liked a reduction in the wall height to improve the air flow across the river and an assurance that no 'high' trees would be planted along the top of the bund, impeding air flow across the river.

In the event the SCC planning authority approved the minor variation to details for restoration pursuant to condition 1 of the planning permission Ref. EL97/1445 (Available to read at The following informatives were also added to the authority :-

1. All conditions under planning permission EL97/1445 continue to apply.

2. Under the terms of the Water Resources Act 1991 and the Land Drainage Byelaws 1981, the prior written consent of the Environment Agency is required for any proposed works or structures in, under, over or within 8 metres of the Thames main river.

AQSC's Management Committee will continue to monitor the situation across the river from us and take whatever action considered appropriate to protect the clubs interests.

Mike (The Commodore) Baker