The sailing season started very badly with the high current preventing sailing for the first five week. Since then although the current has been low but the winds have been very poor except for September when we had good sails on 3 consecutive weekends.

Regular Wednesday afternoon training hasn't taken place because there has been little demand and the weather wasn't suitable.

I keep short notes on the conditions for each days sailing and they indicate how poor it has been; this is available on the web site under race results.

In contrast there has normally been good sailing when we have been away from the Club although both at the August Bewl event and at Signet Week there were some extremely squally conditions with 25-40 knot winds.

We were expecting problems with the new rowing club being sited so close to us but there have been fewer problems than usual. I am sure the meeting Rodger Wheeler organised between us, Hampton SC, Molesey Rowing Club and Hampton Grammar School Rowing Club helped.