There is a large fireworks display at Kempton Park on 4th November complete with funfair and music for members to go to before coming to the club with some food for a party.

Tickets are 5 on the night or 4 in advance, children under 5 free. Richard Cannon can obtain advance tickets from certain shops local to him; this saves queuing for tickets apart from the cost saving.

The funfair and gates open at 5:30pm and the fireworks start at 7:45pm.

Richard lives only a short walk from Kempton Park and it is very convenient to park and meet at Richard's house at 7:00pm to walk up as a group; traffic jams and problems parking are avoided.

If you would like advance tickets or to meet at Richard's please ring him on 01932 786636 by 31 Oct. There is also an info line on 020 8387 8381, credit card line on 01932 252871(not always manned) and web site http://www.kemptonfireworks.org.uk