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What a season! 2001 will probably be remembered as one of the most difficult sailing seasons in recent years. For the first few weeks the river was more like a torrent. The weather statistics tell you that winds are predominantly south westerly - but not this year. We have experienced gales, cyclic winds, and dead calms followed by strong gusts which knock you flat. By contrast we had good sailing at nearly all our away meetings

But, we have had an excellent season of social events, many with a notably high laughter index. The next one is the fireworks at Kempton Park on Saturday 3rd November followed by "nosh" and drinks at the club.

And talking of social events, don't forget the big one. Tickets for the Annual Dinner need to be reserved and paid for by 5th November. Don't leave it too late .

We are approaching the windy season, so please make sure that your boats are really well tied down. Remember that last winter several boats were blown over even when reasonably secured.

There is pressure about to make the untidy males, me included, do something about the gent's changing room. We do tend to accumulate valuable antiques such as 1940s life jackets and bits and pieces that might come in useful one day. In order to make sure that we do not throw away anyone's prized possessions, we would ask you all to clearly label any personal items now. All items to be disposed of will be on display at the AGM. If not claimed they will be sold with proceeds to the RNLI. Anything remaining unsold will be scrapped.

And talking of AGMs, 8th December, please come along to choose a team to run the club next year. We would like

As you know, I am standing down after four years and I would like to take this opportunity of saying a really big THANK YOU to the many people who have put in an enormous amount of effort, both on and off the committee.

The many improvements to the club, the boats, the gardens, the fitting of a diesel engine for the rescue boat, sailing and social events, and much more have been the work of a large and enthusiastic team

See you all at the fireworks, the dinner, and the AGM.