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Too much of a...

Musical Extravaganza Evening 7 October

What can I say about this Germanically flavoured event! It turns out that in addition to his sailing prowess your Commodore is an accomplished keyboard virtuoso. We think John Tomkins may also be hiding some keyboard talents but he absconded with half the bar stocks of Ginger Beer before we could find out (Heís funny like that).
May, as we all know, is a natural at Charades and Iím happy to report that the musical twist to the evening didnít throw her at all. She rose to the challenge and got everybody else on their feet too. I must admit I did get worried when Rodger suggested that several of the blokes should dance around a harmless log while physically abusing it with sticks! Still whatever turns him on and he did stand them all a beer for their trouble.
Undoubtedly the high point of the evening was the excellent supper which included all the Sís, namely sausage, salami, sauerkraut and salad.
Many thanks to Rodger for a most inventive evening and the use of all his household entertainment systems. I hope they still all worked when he got them home again, dam sauerkraut gets everywhere.

Mike (Musically challenged) Baker