Working Party 10Jul99 Richard Cannon

Autumn 1999

Work was scheduled to start at 10:00 but by 11:00 there were only two at the Club. The weather was poor for the working party; it was unbearably hot with a steady gentle breeze making sailing a much more attractive option. Fortunately during the day a few more members arrived and some worthwhile work was done.

The major task scheduled was adding more tyres to the bank in the slipway area to reduce congestion at launch time and make it easier for boats to reach the race start line in time. Nigel Knowles arrived with a trailer full of tyres and Keith Hatton helped him drill holes in these for the steel hawser that was fitted along the bank; everybody was called upon to help pull it tight. With the increased length of the moorings there is no excuse for being late for the start.

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The white paint at the west end of the club frontage and the Thames Water Logo are in very poor condition and Richard Cannon, helped by John Tomkins, removed most of it with an angle grinder; the coarse sanding disc was very effective. Johnís tower frame made access to high parts of the front very easy. It has been finished with a wood preservative stain rather than paint that needs hard work
to maintain it.

New members Bill and Carol Milstead did some much needed gardening work, Carol weeded around the Clubhouse and Bill mowed the path and around the berths.

Ron Munden strimmed the grass on the banks towards the car
park until the guard broke off the strimmer; he wasnít able to purchase a replacement so he has undertaken to repair it.

Chris and Jack Terry brought back Jackís Laser and used a jet
spray to remove the accumulated grime.

New junior members Robert Britton and Martin Pollard went sailing in club boats. Robert had a very enjoyable first sail in a Laser in ideal conditions. Unfortunately Martinís first sail single handed, in the Topper, was curtailed by his first capsize; he got very wet but made a very good recovery.

Subsequent to the working party Ron Munden and Mike Baker erected a pergola between the club and the race box. There are plans to fit a removable roof to give protection when it is wet.