Hampton Riverside continued

Autumn 1999

As users of the river we are aware of congestion at peak times. We are also aware that local marinas are operating well below capacity and know from direct experience that local commercial watersports ventures are suffering from lack of demand. The site should not be used in part as a marina. Almost any exit onto the river will cause severe problems for either Hampton Sailing Club or Aquarius Sailing Club as vessels manoeuvre into the main channel. The new boathouse will in itself exacerbate the conflicts between oarsmen and sailors. Wetherefore object to any breaching of the river bank.

We have a beautiful stretch of river, marred at its western end only by a few unsightly lamps and a maintenance shed. This site could at little cost be used to provide a superb riverside park for Hampton.

We have advised that development south of the Lower Sunbury Road and Upper Sunbury Road other than that of the Riverdale/Morelands buildings should be prohibited. Maintenance of the existing "low key artisan" character of Platts Eyot is essential but may not be what the new owner, a developer, had in mind. We should not allow natural decay to destroy the slipways and sheds on the Island.

These proposals have been amplified in our representation to Richmond Council concerning the UDP, in which we have also opposed the Thames Water request remove green belt and nature protection designation from the eastern end of the site.

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We continue to have regular meetings as river users or as part of a steering group. Currently Thames Water say Sunnyside Reservoir is required operationally for the foreseeable future which should leave us secure. Any further ideas from members would be welcome particularly in terms of the possible
uses of the listed buildings.