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We often hear it said that we have too many people in the UK and the immigrants should all be sent home. This of course prompts the question who are we talking about, since we are all immigrants in some way or other.

As we were last successfully invaded in 1066 then perhaps we should redress the invasion and return all those who were not here before William murdered our King in 1066. This would surely restore some Anglo Saxon decency to the place. So, if your mob weren’t here before 1066 should you be on the list?

I checked the 1086 census or the “Doomsday Book” to see if my name was listed but fortunately no surname similar to mine was found. Ergo I am an immigrant and thus a likely candidate for deportation and as an Australian Citizen that’s Queensland so its goodbye from me. I wonder how many others of us are in the same situation?

The Power of Prayer
Mike Hendra

An odd title from me as an atheist but there is no doubting the power to influence events that occurs when a group of people combine their thought processes to influence a particular outcome. Membership and fellowship in a vibrant organisation is one of the keys to longevity and outside of the churches clubs like Aquarius can produce similar results so being a member aids the prospect of both a fulfilling and longer life.