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The Undertaker

Some of you may have heard the story of the Hon Sec passing a club member on the left on the A3. The member in question is elderly (situation normal for most AQSC members) much mindful of the rules of the road, who drives mostly in the middle lane at what he calls the speed limit. Of course the man (who HS??? had cared for after his knee surgery) made mention of the situation the following Wednesday and although teased mercilessly about the incident Jean managed it with her usual good humour.

Her version is that during her journey home from the club she was turning off the A3 at Malden Road New Malden. She says she was travelling at the speed limit per her GPS and she came up behind a driver who was hogging the middle lane at speedo speed 50 or less. In the circumstances she could not overtake before the exit so passed on the inside immediately before the slip road. She says that in Venezuela there is nothing wrong with “Undertaking” and she has been doing it for years without problem so what’s fuss?

Now it has come to light that the poor member is suffering another structural malfunction and may shortly need further orthopaedic surgery after which he will require some more tender care. Now the question; Is he prepared for recuperation in the care of an undertaker?