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Steering Backwards

Debate about the merits of various types of marine steering gear has taken place in Committee recently. Some prefer a tiller and some a wheel. Here the wheel in question is the type rigged to an outboard motor powered boat.

It would seem that of the club members, the Hon Sec is the reverse park expert. She has steered a boat with a marine type wheel, a tiller and a big silver one used on proper yachts. Jean actually won the Reverse Yacht Parking award on our North Ionian Flotilla some years ago.

So here we have an expert not only on steering gear but steering astern as well. For wheel preference she says she likes the big silver one, not only do they work well, they match her taste in earrings so they are doubly favoured.

When asked she says: Whatever system you are using, face the way you wish to travel. Take care of ropes chains buoys and other obstacles. Go slowly and aim towards your desired destination steering as you would when driving a car forward. With a tiller, point to line the stick towards your desired destination and in either case but don’t move the rudder too far off line as it will usually stop the boat.

If the wind is blowing hard, make a gesture of help to your own version of a personal saviour. Don’t listen to the crew, they can always do it better till they try. Remember you can always stop and start again if necessary and most of all: “Don’t panic”.

So there, a big silver one, will look good on the patrol boat and the patrol helmsman will look very professional in a flash sailing suit and it would certainly improve the image of Aquarius!