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Quiz Night - 19 October 2013

With others I have organised a number of quiz’s for the club over the years and the latest one was attended by some twenty-four die-hards, who can’t seem to get enough of them. Now, it has been said that I don’t do easy quiz’s and I guess that may be true. I tend to think of them as challenging.

The evening kicked off at 7:30pm once everybody had placed their fish and chip orders with Di Cowley. Each of the three teams were then given a sheet of 20 film title anagrams to complete during the first half of the evening.

Some fifty questions later supper arrived and there was a halt to proceedings while everybody descended on the kitchen to find what they had ordered. Evidently Diana had got it right and there were no complaints. Well done you!

The second half of the evening got underway with the distribution of another sheet of 20 ‘ology’ questions to be solved. The look on some people’s faces was a picture (as in I didn’t know there were that many ’ologies’). There were another twenty five questions before the evening was wound up and the scores counted.

The winning team was then presented with the AQSC Quiz Trophy (you didn’t even know we had one of those did you?) and a large tin of chocolates. These were graciously shared with everyone.

My thanks to everybody for coming and especially to Di, Pete, Diana, Richard and Gordon for helping with the supper and the clearing up afterwards, much appreciated. I’m off to start compiling another quiz to torment the members with perhaps sometime next year.

Mike Baker

Most of the members at the quiz