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Club Management And More

Virtually nothing that happens at Aquarius comes with a cost for labour. Club members provide their services without charge for everything that is needed to make the club work. No one receives a salary or payment for running the club; the Management Committee is supported by an army of volunteers that does the job.

Management Committee operations are divided into three formal elements, Administration, Premises and Sailing.

GrahamThompson manages the administration supported by the Hon Sec Jean Maracchi - Hendra, WHS Pat Irving, Treasurer Joan Walkden, Bar Management by Peter Carpenter with Rodger Wheeler, and social & catering by Diana Carpenter.

Premises are managed by Nigel Knowles well supported by Bryan Clements and Ken Ayres and by a labourer often seen working late into the night who has a strange resemblance to Nigel himself.

Sailing is ably managed by our computer boffin Richard Cannon who also manages and edits the Mainsheet supported by Mike Hendra.

Eric Bridgewater keeps and eye out for happenings that might affect the club, Kath Bridger provides assistance to the committee in various matters and Michael Chipps keeps the meeting minutes to ensure the smooth running of the club.

No contractors are paid to maintain the club, no cleaners are engaged to clean the clubhouse. No barman is paid to serve drinks, no cook is paid to prepare meals, no waiter is paid to serve at table and no skivvy is paid to wash up. No washer woman is paid to launder the towels and tea towels. No grounds-men are engaged to look after the landscaping and no boats are maintained by shipwrights.

Most building work is done by Bodgit & Co principally Nigel Knowles supported by Bryan Clements and Ken Ayres. The club is opened by volunteers and closed by volunteers. When you enjoy a meal or buy a drink they are prepared and served by volunteers, the dirty crockery, cutlery, glass etc is collected by a volunteer, washed and dried by a volunteer and replaced for future use by a volunteer. The same goes for tables and chairs. For the most part the work is done without complaint because those who do the work enjoy and value the club sufficiently to want to keep it going.

PLEASE REMEMBER - No rubbish is removed by the bin men so any rubbish produced by the club or left behind by members, either in the clubhouse or anywhere outside, is removed by volunteers. Please don’t add to the burden.