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Interesting Statistics

A look at club statistics reveals some interesting facts.

So far as the records show the club has rarely been let down as a result of a member or members not turning up for duty, either in the ODD and support roles or for bar duty. Although it is true that the names that appear on the various duty rosters are not always the same as the individuals who attends on the day, arrangements have usually been made in advance to make a change or provide cover.

By and large about a third of those listed as club members turn up for working parties, on average that is about 23. The attendance record is fairly consistent as are the people who turn up on the day. Some members keep up their membership even though they rarely use the club so one might argue that paying your subs without using the facilities counts as volunteering. Of course some members do voluntary work for the club outside of working party days and some members are not fit enough to labour in the noon day sun but use the club socially so perhaps our adjusted average is close to 50% than 30%, not too bad by general standards.

Newsletter Printing

The printing and paper costs of this Newsletter were met in full by JDC Independent Financial Advisers

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We thank Frank Rainsborough for setting this up. Apart from the cost saving, it is good to have this task delegated.